About Us

Fallston Elementary School is a PreK through fifth-grade elementary school located in the Burns High School district of Cleveland County, North Carolina.


To fully equip students academically by striving to be the best performing elementary school in the district.


We will strive to equip all students with the academic and social skills necessary to be successful within their environments.

Core Values

  • We will make student learning and development our focus.
  • We will accomplish our work in an orderly, caring and safe environment.
  • We will create partnerships that have meaning for our students and their education.
  • We will support a community of learners.
  • We will challenge students to reach their fullest potential.
  • We will have high expectations for our students, parents, and staff.
  • We will make decisions based on what is best for students.
  • We will use data as a tool for decision making.