Music in Our Schools Month!

Post date: Mar 8, 2018 7:46:01 PM

March is Music In Our Schools Month!!

This year’s theme is “Music Connects Us”.

We will be celebrating “music” in our school by:

- announcing a composer of the week each week during the month and listening to their music over channel 7 or from the Google Drive from 7:30-7:55 each morning.

-sharing a music fact a day on Bulldog TV.

-having a Composer Question of the Week each Friday (student with the first correct answer wins a prize)

-sponsoring the “Make Your Own Instrument Contest” where students will be invited to make an instrument by March 13 (a letter was sent home on Feb. 14).

-instruments for the contest will be on display in the library from March 19-23.

Winners will be announced March 29.

-a special performance for all students by the NC Symphony Woodwind Quintet on March 13

- participating in a Music Symbols Search Game throughout the school during the month.

- recognizing the anniversary of the adoption of “The Star Spangled Banner” as our national anthem on March 3, 1931.

- having various special activities during music class.

- preparing for and participating in the Cleveland County Elementary Honors Chorus on

April 19 with 11 previously auditioned and selected students.

- watching the MIOSM Concert school-wide on March 22 at 2:00pm on channel 7.

- each faculty member will be given a MIOSM button to wear.

-wearing something with “music” on it on March 29 - Music Blitz Day!

As for the Music Symbols Search, I will have thoroughly explained the rules of the game to each class before the game begins on March 1. Please help students remember:

  • The symbols will only be on red cards as I have shown them during music class.
  • When a student finds a symbol they MAY take it off the wall.
  • They should present the music symbol they have found to Mrs. Fogleman during their next music class for a reward.
  • They will receive one reward for finding a symbol and an extra reward if they identify the music symbol.
  • They cannot break any school rules or classroom rules in obtaining a music symbol.

Thank you for being aware of these special activities and please encourage all children to consider the importance of music in their lives. If classes are doing something special in recognition of Music In Our Schools Month, please let me know and we will recognize you on Bulldog TV.


This year’s theme is “MUSIC CONNECTS US”. Take a moment to think about how music connects you with someone or something. In celebration of this special month we will be highlighting “MUSIC in OUR SCHOOL” in several ways. The students will enjoy learning about a variety of composers and different genres of music during their weekly music class. To keep our minds on music all month we will be playing the “Music Symbols Search” game, where students are keeping their eyes open for special music notes on the hallway walls to receive a prize in music class. There are lots of other fun things going on during the school day to help us celebrate MUSIC!

We are also going to sponsor a “Make Your Own Instrument Contest”. Students are invited to make their own homemade instruments and turn them in to Mrs. Fogleman by March 13. No late entries will be accepted. The student made instruments will be on display in the library March 19-23 where they will be judged to determine winners. A first, second, and third place winner will be selected for each grade level as long as there are at least five entries from each grade. The first place winners will receive a special prize and will demonstrate their instruments on Bulldog TV. All students that participate will receive a certificate of appreciation. Instruments should be labeled with student’s names as well as their homeroom teacher’s name using the slip below. Mrs. Fogleman will discuss this contest during music class and give the students examples of instruments they might choose to create. The following websites have great ideas and examples of homemade instruments.

Students may choose an instrument from one of these websites to create or may come up with an idea on their own. All instruments must have been made AFTER the beginning of THIS school year (therefore, no return entries from last year’s contest).

Instruments will be judged on the following:


-ability to produce sound

-resembles actual instrument

-handmade parts

-evidence of student involvement

This is a voluntary contest. However, I hope that you will choose to participate! I can’t wait to see and hear all these wonderful homemade instruments!